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Black Fury Lore 1: What a cliath would know Modifier

  • Furies is often perceived as little more than a sorority of man haters
  • Pegesus is the Tribal totem
  • Male Garou Black Furies are typically given away to be reared by other tribes
  • May have heard of the Sisterhood and perhaps another kuklos (camp)
  • Has heard of the Outer Calyax and knows how it is chosen
  • The tribe originated from the Greek Goddess Artemis
  • Black Fury consider themselves the defenders of women and children.
  • Black Fury typically have a distrust of men
  • Black Furies consider themselves the protectors of the wyld.
  • Black Furies are Gaia's vengeance
  • May know a little tribal history
  • May know a few Greek Myths

Black Fury Lore 2: What a Fostern would know Modifier

  • Has heard of the more several of the prominent kuklos and might be mentored by a member of one
  • Knows of the Homeland of the Black Furies, has a rough idea of how to get there
  • Has heard that the Patriarch is an enemy of the Black Furies
  • Has heard that the tribe distrusts and fights with the Get of Fenris
  • Has heard of a Kuklorchoros, a Black Fury informal moot, and may have attended one
  • Has heard stories of some Black Fury in your area.
  • Has heard the tale of the creation of the Furies
  • The Furies see the Triat as the Fates(Clotho =The Wyld, Lachesis= The Weaver, Atropos = The Wyrm).
  • Has heard of the Weaver called the Namer
  • Has heard of the existence of Black Fury specific rites and gifts.
  • Knows the names of a few members of the Outer Calyx.
  • Knows a little of the history of the tribe.
  • May know a few of the important tales about the Greek pantheon and the great heroes

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