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Shadow Lords Lore 1: What a Cliath would know Modifier

  • Knows that others see the Tribe as untrustworthy
  • nows many Lords feel they are the best leaders for the Garou nation.
  • Knows there is long standing animosity between the Silver Fangs and the Lords
  • Has heard tales of the changing winds that may allow the Shadow Lords to become the leaders of all
  • Knows to respect and fear Grandfather Thunder
  • Has heard the name Lords of the Summit
  • Has heard rumors of something called a Shadow Moot.

Shadow Lords Lore 2: What a Fostern would know Modifier

  • Knows basic hierarchy of tribe and tribal leaders
  • Knows who the Councillors are
  • Knows who the Generals are
  • Knows the Shadow Lord Litany
  • Knows the purpose of Alpha, Beta, Crow and Raven
  • Knows the party line regarding other Tribes
  • Knows that the Lords originally began as the advisors to the leaders of the Garou
  • Believes that Lords have always followed Thunder and his brood
  • Has heard of Crow and Raven as totem _some_ Shadow Lords follow
  • Knows that the Lords of the Summit are the largest Camp and what they strive for.
  • Has heard of the Bringers of Light, the Children of Crow and the Judges of Doom
  • Knows what the Shadow Moot is and may have attended one
  • Has heard rumors of secret societies within the tribe