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Jonas is the maternal great-grandson of Jacob Morningkill. In his youth the Ahroun fought and killed many banes, and dragged their corpses before his grandfather, the King, demanding the glory that was his due. The King, seeing the up and coming Garou as a threat to his power, banished him from the Sept of the North Country Protectorate.

Jonas wandered and ended up in New York, a haggard homeless drunk. It was here that he was met and challenged by Mari Cabrah, a Theurge of the Black Furies. Though he "won" the fight he lost an eye to her talons (This may not be true as he still has both eyes in the opening comic for the Second Edition Core Rulebook which takes place after the challenge between Albrecht and Mari). Shortly there after he rescued a newly changed garou named Evan. The cub was being pursued by several Black Spiral Dancers. Jonas had to turn to the only Garou in the area for help, Mari.

At his grandfather's funeral Albrecht was challenged by and lost a Klaive duel to Arkady Sabboth. In so doing Arkady earned the right to claim Kingship of the Silver Fangs of House Wyrmfoe. Albrecht quickly discovered that a trick had been used against him in the duel. Though he did not want to be king, Albrecht realized that Arkady could not be trusted and decided to seek the ancient fetish, The Silver Crown.

Along with Mari and Evan, Albrect sought and found the Silver Crown, earning the right to Kingship. With his new authority, Albrecht and his pack identified and brought about the destruction of the Wyrm cult, the 7th Generation. For this, the Pack earned a place among in The Silver Record.

Albrecht's shrewdness and ability to deal with Garou of other tribes has allowed him to launch several successful campaigns against the Wyrm. Other Garou outside his Tribe are beginning to believe that Albrecht just might be worthy of leading the Garou Nation as a whole.

Albrecht wields a Grand Klaive named: Solemn Lord.

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