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Dangerous Rival

The Margrave is one of the Shadlowlords, with an eye for ruling all other werewolves. The Shadowlords are very sneaky, but the Margrave (a title, not a name) is more than just sneaky. He's willing to do whatever it takes to wrest the Silver Crown from King Albrecht. He's had to fight since the day he was born to attain his station. Consequently he's as angry as it gets. As a signature character he exemplifies the "enemy on the same side of the war." He doesn't want Gaia to be destroyed, but his personal ambition makes him very dangerous to those not totally with him. Homid Theurge.

In Crinos form, he's a huge black-furred monster you should never, ever want to go up against. The thing to remember is he isn't evil, just very unethical.

He can summon and bind spirits useing rites just like all other Theurges. His gifts include jamming technological devices, draining spirits to feed his resolve, clapping his hands to summon thunderclaps, reading an opponent's fatal flaws, make himself look terrible and frightening, and causing the wounds he inflicts to bleed profusely.